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The Client – Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc.

  • 2015 – Current
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Founded in 1975, Chupp’s Piano Service, Inc. is located in the small community of New Paris, Indiana. Over the past several decades, they have grown from a single piano technician to become one of the leading piano restoration facilities in the United States. 

Specializing in the rebuilding of vintage Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos, Chupp’s Piano Service has committed to continuing the art of piano rebuilding – and to growing and maintaining their online presence. One of the primary services we offer them is ongoing video production.

On Location Photography & Videography - eCommerce Marketing - Skyflare Media - Benjamin Rogers


“This is the story of the restoration of a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano. This instrument was left alone and neglected in a garage for over 20 years. This short documentary follows the rebuilding process and tells the story of the piano’s full restoration and rebirth. From replacing the keytops to extensively restoring the piano action, this piano documentary shows the work that goes into returning a vintage New York Steinway to its former glory.”

This documentary style video piece highlights the amazing work done at Chupp’s Piano Service. This piece has been utilized heavily within the greater internet marketing strategy and has been viewed over 90,000 times. Video, photography, written content. It all comes together to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.


“This historic Baldwin Model M Baby Grand Piano was fully rebuilt by Chupp’s Piano Service. Built in 1938 at the Cincinnati Baldwin piano factory, this grand piano was a family heirloom of the Deputy family, the last residents of the historic Ruthmere Mansion in Elkhart, Indiana. (In fact, one of their family portraits at the museum shows the family sitting around this very piano.) The piano is believed to have been moved out of the mansion in 1969. Recently, the Deputy family generously donated the Baldwin piano to the Ruthmere Museum, returning it to its former home.”

This documentary style video piece showcases the restoration of a historically significant Baldwin Grand Piano. We worked together to create a piece that focuses on the world-class work completed by the business, with a local focus through interviews with the Chupp’s team and community leaders.


“Founded by Dennis Chupp, Chupp’s Piano Service has grown from Dennis himself as the single tuner/technician to a complete team of piano professionals who are experts in the entire piano restoration process. In this interview, Dennis discusses what inspired him to begin working in the piano tuning business and how his field of expertise steadily grew, thanks to continued study and the mentorship of many expert piano technicians.”

The first of several interviews, this long-form interview-based video piece allows a deeper insight into the history of the business. Showcasing the longstanding craftsmanship and family dedication to quality assists in cementing the established brand and brings the company story to the general public.

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