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The Work – Political Campaign Media

  • The Client(s) – Including, but not limited to: Brad Rogers for Sheriff, Brad Rogers for Commissioner, Mike Orgill for Goshen City Council, Elkhart County Republican Party, Elkhart County Young Republicans
  • Services Rendered – Web Design & SEO, Social Media, Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Ongoing Marketing Consulting, Marketing Press Releases, Campaign Strategy, Campaign Management

“Be sure to vote!” It’s a message we hear every election cycle. As a political candidate, it is essential that you are able to cut through the electoral fog and get your name and message to the voter. Skyflare Visual Media has over ten years of practical political campaign experience and has worked in virtually all facets of campaign work in both volunteer and staff positions.

The Goal – Spreading the Word – Winning the Day

There a number of local design and marketing firms. However, there are few that are able to combine traditional marketing expertise with the on the ground political experience required to tailor messaging to an electoral audience. This is where Skyflare Visual Media can come into play!

The Visuals 

Knowing when to go all ‘artsy’ and when to cut straight to the point is essential in all marketing – it is even more crucial during the high-stakes, limited time frame of an election campaign. We have designed billboards, flyers, mailers, print ads, and countless social media-related pieces in order to carefully craft the image the campaign and candidate desires. Our custom photography and videography work provides for a personal, professional touch and allows you to speak directly to the people!

A Digital (Campaign) Hub

Amongst the rush of a campaign, it can be easy to put the idea of a website on the backburner. Do you really need a website with the advent of social media? YES! In today’s competitive environment, a clean, easy-to-navigate website is a must. A website from Skyflare Visual Media creates a digital hub for your campaign efforts – that YOU control! This allows volunteers to easily sign up to get involved, donors, in just a few clicks to chip in financially, and for the interested voter to learn more about your policy positions. 

Leading from the Front

Countless doors knocked on. Phone call after phone call. We understand the true grunt work required to win an election. Over ten years of heavy political involvement and work have not gone to waste. This allows us not just the ability to design and create good-looking marketing pieces, but also to implement them in the way that will ensure the best impact. When you hire Skyflare Visual Media to work with your campaign, you get more than just an ad agency, you receive our years of political strategy experience as well.

A people-based design philosophy. Each design project we undertake, each video we produce, is crafted with the method of delivery as a priority. We understand that clear, consistent messaging is critical in today’s fast-paced, information-based campaign age. From social media graphics to physical billboard designs, you can trust that we have experience and expertise in these modern-day marketing avenues!

Political Campaign Facebook Social Media Posters - Skyflare Visual Media
Political Campaign Yard Sign Design - Brad Rogers for Commissioner - Skyflare Visual Media

Yard sign design. Love them or hate them, political yard signs are a mainstay of a campaign. Your campaign yard sign should be easy to read and needs to stand out amongst the thousands placed around your area each election cycle. We have experience designing logos that are able to be utilized on high-impact yard signs and on all the rest of your marketing materials in order to create an integrated design flow.

Logo Design - Elkhart County Republican Party
Political Campaign Social Media Design - Brad Rogers for Elkhart County Commissioner - Republican
Campaign Political Yard Sign Design - Graphic Design - Orgill for Council - Skyflare Visual Media
Brad Rogers for Sheriff - 2014 - Longmire Style Campaign Social Media Poster Design - Skyflare Visual Media

Social media. In the words of George W. Bush, “I hear there are rumors, on the internets.” Social media dominates the political conversation and keeping your campaign in that conversation can be critical to keeping your team motivated and in maintaining your fundraising goals. Our social media posters and flyers have been used by parties, local campaigns, and yes, even presidential campaigns!

Social Media Campaign Poster - Brad Rogers for Sheriff 2014 - Skyflare Visual Media
Fundraiser Campaign Poster - Rand Paul for President - Skyflare Visual Media
Logo Design - Elkhart County Young Republicans
Billboard Design - Skyflare Visual Media - Brad Rogers for Commissioner - Elkhart County Political Design

To the point videography. This ‘to the camera’ style video piece allows the candidate to speak directly to the voters. This was part of a series of videos that were produced and used heavily during the run-up to the June 2nd, 2020 Primary Election in Elkhart County. A conscious design was made to produce in a low-frills, to-the-point style that allows for a direct message from the candidate to the viewer.

Connect. Engage. Win.

Skyflare Visual Media continues to work with political campaigns throughout the Michiana region. We are able to provide comprehensive, complete digital marketing strategies allowing you to put your message first. Campaigns utilizing our work have continued to see results at the ballot box.

 Will you join them?

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