Quick Facts about Steinway Pianos | Infographic Design

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Promotional Infographic Design

This infographic was designed by me for Chupp’s Piano Service. Specializing in premium restored Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos, Chupp’s Pianos has been in the piano industry for over forty years. This infographic highlights some select statistics and history of the legendary Steinway piano company. The vast majority of the pianos restored by Chupp’s are vintage Steinway grands. This project was designed utilizing adobe Illustrator and made good use of my experience with typography, photography and overall graphic design. [The photo of the instrument was taken by me and is a vintage 1923 Steinway Model A-3 Grand Piano.]

Quick Facts About Steinway Pianos

Quick Facts About Steinway Pianos – An infographic by the team at Chupp’s Pianos

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