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WNIT Snapshots & Documentary Work

During my time at WNIT Public Television I produced and assisted with numerous field production projects. As a volunteer videographer I shot video and was interviewed about what I shot for the documentary ‘Our Town: Elkhart.’ The footage I obtained was deemed good enough to be utilized beyond my segments and was used in promotion for the project and alongside b-roll shot by paid station crew. Later as a student intern I produced two sixty second snapshots that can be used to fill time when broadcasts run short. To my knowledge they are still being used in this capacity. This work helped lead me to work in studio production for a period of time.


  • Client - WNIT Public Television
  • Date - 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Pre-Production | Production | Post Production | Worked with Broadcast Station Management - Shot with a Canon 60D and edited in Final Cut Pro.
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