Studio Television Production

Studio Work | WNIT-TV

During my time at WNIT Public Television I mainly focused on Studio Production. I began running teleprompter and operating studio cameras. I later was hired as a freelancer and began to floor direct various shows. I was then assigned as the Director for Experience Michiana with Gordy Young, a weekday prime time show that served as a flaghship production for the station. I directed that program until his departure and the show’s move to being produced in the field in late 2015. I trained as both a sign on and sign off Master Control Operator and was hired as an employee. During that period I also was a Producer for Politically Speaking, a long running live program that airs weekly on the station. I continue to work as a freelancer for the station.

  • Client - WNIT-TV
  • Date - 2013-Current
  • Skills/Tools Used - Camera Operator | Graphics | Director | Producer
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